Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | May 7, 2009

Six word love stories…

Nanny nurtures more than young children.

Sparks ignited at fireworks display.

Ripe relationship cultivated in produce aisle.

College educates students on love lessons.

Judge rules in favor of plaintiff’s cry.

Mixed doubles’ tennis score: love – love

Romance heats up at summer festival

Banker cashes in on teller’s advances.

Hunter puts marriage in his sights.

Love is struck during lightning storm.

Fireman puts out daughter’s blazing romance.

Barista brews up tea for two.

Bartender mixes business with pleasure.

Mailman delivers first class proposal.

Poker player raises ante and girlfriend calls.

Marathoner goes the distance with running mate.

Artist’s proposal paints picture for Rosie.

Social studies teachers make history together.

Preacher’s prayers answered; Angel finally agrees.

Doctor prescribes marriage for favorite patient.

Chemistry professor experiments with love potion.

Prosecutors plead guilty to office affair.

Operator hangs up on long-distance relationship.

Plumber drained after girlfriend flushes engagement.

Playwright pens own script: jilts lover.

Mathematician miscalculates.  Mistress added; marriage divided.



  1. You definitely have a gift for choosing the right words to say a great deal in a short sentence.
    Most impressed!

  2. these are great – the plumber is my favourite 🙂

  3. correction, with hindsight, it should now read

    “inventor creates new games to play”

  4. love these, really inventive

  5. You are so clever–can’t believe how you keep topping yourself!

  6. I like these! See so much in six words.

  7. This looks like fun…not sure I understand the rules well enough to play though.


  8. I meant headlines – but I like the concept of healing lines as well…

  9. they sound like healines, too, don’t they?

  10. OK, I think I’m beginning to get these now. Ignore my latest post!

  11. the poker player line is great!!!

  12. I can really get into this.

  13. ooooh! love is crushed! and slighted! i must play again!

  14. Great fun, lots of energy in these! Yea for word play!

  15. ok, i love these! i want to play!

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