Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | May 13, 2009

50 word stories

The picture for this prompt was of a sign at an expensive pet store, I think.




“No, Daddy I want it!  I want this blue diamond collar!”  She rubbed her fingers over its gems.

 “But sweetie – ”

“No Daddy!  Can’t you see?  Reggie needs this collar!” 

To keep her from relapsing, I paid the $250.

When we got home, she placed it on his grave.



The prompt was a photo of a door numbered 11 ½.


11 ½


She fingered the number on her door – the age she debuted in her first Hollywood film.  Oh, the cameras, the spotlight, she thrived on the attention.  Like a rising tide her ego swelled as the roles continued until…until her stardom washed away.  Now, the door number her only reminder.



  1. These are very well crafted. Excellent.

  2. Oh, my goodness. That was unexpected.


  3. Aw, so sad!!!!

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