Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | May 18, 2009


Acknowledging the Artist


We set the canvas

Supplied the paints and brushes

And lessons early on,

But you developed the piece of art –

Your palette,

Your colors,

Your own creation.


So why do we, the teachers,

Feel compelled to alter your brush strokes?

To put our imprints on your masterpiece

Instead of allowing you

To add the finishing touches,

Instead of stepping back

And appreciating the uniqueness

That is you?



  1. lovely, beautifully painted

  2. Guilty! Sometimes I catch myself before altering the brush stroke and feel so proud of myself when I should be feeling proud of her for resisting me the times I don’t!

  3. this has hit a nerve… I struggle very hard not
    ” to alter your brush stroke”…

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