Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | October 2, 2022



Once within a maple leaf the Pigment children grew.
The foursome feuded frequently, as siblings often do.

“If only you could share the light and not be such a meanie,”
Goldie, Red and Ginger, each, would often say to Greenie.
“You’re like a blanket over us who’s taking all our sun.
How’s that even happen? You’re outnumbered three to one!”

“What can I say?” asked Greenie. “It’s a critical attraction. 
It’s not my fault I’m gifted with this chemical reaction.
You ought to be appreciative instead of always rude,
since I’m the one among us who produces all our food.”

“See, there you go,” said Ginger, “with you thinking we’re below you.”
“That’s right,” said Red and Goldie. “You just wait and we will show you.”

When Autumn shortened summer’s days and Greenie disappeared,
it took the siblings by surprise, but then those children cheered.
“At last,” they said, “the world will see the splendor of us all!”
But little did the trio know how quickly they would fall.

The inspiration for my entry.

Thanks to Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn Sanchez for once again hosting this great contest.,you’ve%20posted%20your%20writing. It is an image inspired prompt and the piece must be 200 words or less.


  1. Such a fun take on this photo and sibling rivalry. Nice job! @mowrex

    • Thank you!

  2. LOVE IT! Rhyming science fun.

    • Thank you Sarah!

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