Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | October 28, 2022



Piper Peter’s fellow witch-lings
clearly understood,
whenever faced with how to act,
she’d always opt for good.
But Piper picked a potion
to prepare for Halloween
to change herself completely
and become an evil queen:
a couple cups of pumpkin brains,
some collard greens and kale
a pinch of pollen, dash of salt,
and salamander’s tail.
She found her creature, fed him treats,
and then all else prepared.
She checked her last ingredient, 
“He’s looking pretty scared…

“Although I know it could regrow,
I cannot do the deed.”
She watched him slither out the door. 
“A tutu’s more my speed.”

100 words

Once again, the newly published Susanna Leonard Hill has graciously offered a Halloween story challenge for writers. The STORY must be written for children ages 12 and under, clearly about Halloween, 100 words or less (not including the title), and include the words slithertreat, and scare. To enter or read the entries go to



  1. Bravo! The story. The meter. The rhyme. You would make a great, poetry, critique partner.

    • And I am one!! Thank you!

  2. Great rhythmic details. Love the collard greens and kale, too funny. The ending is cute as can be.

    • Thank you so much!

  3. Fabulous! It flows so well, and I love the ending.

    • Thank you Linda!

  4. Brava!!! Brilliant!!! An instant favorite!

    • Thank you Jilanne (and sorry for misspelling your name earlier).

      • No worries, Colleen. My name has an unusual spelling, so it happens all the time. Cheers!

      • Thanks for your graciousness.

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