Posted by: Colleen Owen Murphy | May 12, 2009

My Life in Six-Word Summaries

My Life in Decades

Six-Word Summaries


1st  (0-10)           Stepfather’s alcoholism erodes bedrock of childhood.

2nd (11-20)         Parents slowly chisel away identity.

3rd  (21-30)        Searching through rubble to find myself.

4th  (31-40)        Standing on the rock of parenthood.

5th (41-50)         Building academic foundation for middle schoolers.

6th (51…)           Looking to carve out artistic niche.



  1. May your artistic niche be an alcove to honor all your find beautiful and precious…

  2. Most excellent!!

  3. The image of carving out artistic niche sounds delightful; a beautiful, nurturing and purposeful activity. These six word summaries are great. Oooh, might have to try it.

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